About Jimmy Seas

Welcome to Jimmy Seas!

Jimmy Seas Pub, Pub, Grill & Fenders opened for business in August, 2002!  Jimmy Seas is not your average bar.  Originally, the bar was suppose to be called “Fenders Pub & Grill,” however, the name took on a new meaning. The business owners and landlord wanted to give it a hometown name, one that people could call home.


Fenders: there are three reasons for the name fenders which are fenders on a boat, fenders on a car, and fender guitars!  Jimmy Seas is not only unique since it is one of the handful of establishments in Green Bay on the waterfront, but it is the only establishment in the Midwest that has a car show room displaying old and new cars. Finally, fender guitars! Jimmy Seas is known for having quality live entertainment, anything from Chris Aaron featuring Clyde Stubblefield (an original drummer for James Brown), Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys, Unity, Greg Waters, The Presidents, Consult the Briefcase and of course, Big Mouth & the Power Tool Horns!